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What We Do
The RBE Team offers the full range of civil and structural/seismic engineering services, from pre-design consultations, checking, evaluations, and assessments, and through preliminary and detailed designs and construction support.  We work very closely with our Clients to streamline the coordination process between the various engineering disciplines and provide seamless comprehensive designs.  The projects undertaken by RBE have utilized all types of construction including wood, reinforced concrete (cast-in-place or pre-cast); pre-stressed concrete (cast-in-place, post-tensioned, or pre-cast pre-tensioned); masonry; steel frame; and composite steel, for a wide variety of facilities including public venue projects, office buildings, mixed-use facilities, commercial buildings, apartment buildings, multiple and single family residences, schools and universities, religious facilities, hospitals, upgrades and renovations to various historic and other structures, and others.  In the civil engineering field we provide grading, drainage, shoring and retaining wall design, and civil utilities design and construction support services.

Furthermore, licenses to practice in California and several other, valuable relationships within important agencies, strong familiarity with state-of-the-art computer applications and structural analyses programs, significant experience in the code requirements along with dynamic reviews of changing codes, most recent research/developments in seismic engineering, and modern construction techniques continue to keep RBE at the forefront of current policies, advances, and improvements in the service of our Clients.  We believe that careful assessments of geotechnical analyses and reports, accurate coordination of disciplines, value-added engineering studies, proper planning and detailed design, and careful on-site inspection for compliance with approved design will, combined together, lead to the successful completion of projects on time and on budget, and to our growth in multi-disciplinary engineering domestically and internationally.

Success in Completing Projects and Meeting Schedules and Budgets

RBE realizes the urgency for completing projects efficiently and in a timely manner and strives relentlessly to complete projects in a timely manner on schedule and within budget.  We also are cognizant of the fact that changes in scopes and schedules are intrinsic to the nature of projects, particularly the sizeable multi-faceted and multi disciplined ones where several parties and stakeholders are involved and where master plans, although approved in general, are a dynamic work in progress that undergoes constant evolution and fine-tuning.

Accordingly, on all our projects and particularly on projects where we are members of larger teams and consortia, we hold regular timely meetings and site visits, participate in partnering workshops and sessions as called for by the Client to maintain the collective drive towards the goals of cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and efficiency, participate in value-engineering discussions at critical milestones, and attend value-engineering workshops at the appropriate stages as mutually agreed upon with the Client, stakeholders, and other team members.

Coordination and Flexibility

Almost all RBE’s projects involve extensive rigorous coordination as necessary with a diverse number of parties including administrators, facilities staff, architects, engineers, management teams, hardware and software vendors, survey crews, utility inspection crews, geotechnical field crews, permitting agencies, construction contractors, and others.  We use the necessary programs for budget and schedule control and we properly monitor progress and document action items during regular meetings with the key project team members.

Familiarity with Approval Systems

RBE is familiar with many aspects and requirements of the approval processes required on projects for university and college campuses, country clubs, commercial properties, and private residences.  We have participated extensively in coordination meetings amongst various parties in preparation for submittals for DSA approvals, A-Permit and B-Permit approvals, other approvals from various agencies and jurisdictions for facilities, utilities, and grading/drainage projects amongst others.  We have prepared detailed submittals to meet the requirements of several different permitting agencies and departments, some of which are extensive and rigorous, followed-up with professionals at the various agencies, cities, districts, and departments, responded to comments and questions from the different parties, and assisted/facilitated in securing permits in as timely a manner as is possible.  

Ability to Participate in Developing Solutions to Reduce Project and Maintenance Costs

At the core of all our coordination meetings and partnering and value-engineering sessions are important goals and objectives that include working together as team members/partners  meeting the most recent codes and design requirements, defining inter-relationships between the various disciplines and preparing carefully coordinated plans and design packages and documents.  Also; providing regular accurate updates and summaries of proceedings; preparing regular documentation of progress and updating action plans; timely dissemination of information, maintaining smooth professional relations, seeking cost-effective solutions and setting realistic dates, encouraging competitiveness while stressing quality and value added through the ever evolving technology developments.  RBE establishes realistically ambitious targets and defining the most efficient deliberate ways to meet them, assessing substantial completion schedules, seeking prompt effective resolutions to change orders and time extension requests, responding effectively to requests for information, paying special attention to the quality and timeliness of shop drawing submittals and reviews, and stressing the importance of the accurate timely preparation of as-built drawings.

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